Sunday, September 2, 2012

Marilee Rockley's Joyful Bell Re-Engineered

Marilee’s Bell, Re-topped
Marilee Rockley is a tatter extraordinaire, a member of InTatters and she writes a great blog at as well as selling her jewelry, patterns and hand dyed threads in her Etsy shop She has a great free pattern called Joyful Bell on her blog, which I’ve made several times. I thought that open space in the center looked like a great place to hang a teardrop so I’ve adapted her work to make the top of the bell a little more ornate. I use it a lot for earrings, and typically tat beads onto every picot in sight! See what you think.
R 5-3-3-5                                                                                       
R 5+3-3-3-3-5
R 5+3-3-5                                   
SR 5/5+3-3-3-3                                                    
With Shuttle 2, Ch 4
*With Shuttle 1 R 3+5-3
With Shuttle 2, Ch 4
With Shuttle 1, R 3+3-3-3-3-3* 3 times
With Shuttle 2, Ch 4
With Shuttle 1, R 3+5-3
With Shuttle 2, Ch 4
With Shuttle 2, SR 3+3/3+3
Tie and hide ends.            

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  1. Andy, congratulations! You've won the French tatting book and HDT giveaway!!! Please contact me at yarnplayer (at) yahoo (dot) com - (change the words to symbols and no spaces, I wrote it out longhand to avoid the spam robots, you know).
    Marilee (yarnplayer)